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iMapflickr was created five years ago by Frame Digital, a digital agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. Since then things have moved on slightly, we've went from 4 people to 15 and got busier and busier. We went from building everything bespoke in C#, to building everything inside Umbraco using MVC - although its still pretty bespoke.

Unfortunately iMapflickr hasn't really been updated in 5 years, it used an old version of well, pretty much everything. 5 years is a long time in internet history. Recent updates (and some not so recent updates) to the Google Maps API and browser technology in general mean this site is woefully out of date and now very buggy. Too buggy in fact to be useful without a total re-write, which we don't really have time to do right now.

So sadly we are closing the site to new users, existing users wil still be able to login and access thier maps, but we really wouldn't recommend creating new ones - they simply won't work properly with the later version of the Google API, and the javascript libraries we are using are now so old they are considered internet antiques.

Thanks for a fun ride over the last few years, we are really pleased this tool has been used by so many people and organisations all over the world but its time to say goodbye and put this particular project to sleep.

There are some alternatives you could try, eg:




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