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Hopefully we've covered any questions you might have below. If there's something we've not answered or you have another question you can use the feedback tab to contact us. (it should be floating around somewhere on the left)

return to topHow much does this cost?

At the moment, iMapFlickr is free. We may implement a pricing model in the future but only for new users. So basically if you are using this service now, it will always be free. Huzzah for free stuff!

If you use imapflickr on your own website the only thing we request is you don't modify the embed HTML or do anything to obfusticate the "made by imapflickr" logo at the bottom of the map. Credit where credit is due - be nice.

return to topDo you store my flickr account details?

Absolutely not. We'll never ask you for your flickr login information. We use the Flickr API to query Flickr based on publically available information (URL, flickr id etc). The API doesn't give out flickr user credentials, and we don't want them anyway.

If you want to know find out about what information we store, please read the privacy policy.

return to topWhat does 'Geotagged' mean?

All your photos in flickr can be "geotagged". This means giving your photos geographic information to help us plot them on a map - in fact, we can't create a map without this information. 

How do I add these "geocodes"?

You need to use the Organizr tool on flickr to  to add the geocodes. Flickr has a video tutorial and lots of help on how to do this.

return to topMy photos aren't appearing in a map.

You must geocode your photos first - you can do this in your flickr account - its quite straightforward, flickr makes it very easy using its Organizr tool (you need to be logged into your flickr account to see this). Flickr have also created a video tutorial and a web based tutorial on how to use their map.

Also, once you have geotagged your photos that your photo privacy settings are set to public - we can't access private photos. There is also a secondary geo privacy setting that may have been set incorrectly. Make sure the geo privacy setting in flickr has been set to public.

return to topI'd like a new feature....

iMapFlickr isn't finished - its only just got started in fact. We built this tool because we can, and we think it could be useful. If you'd like to see a new feature or have any comments, use the feedback tab on the left and let us know, or take a look over at our main support site.

return to topWordpress won't let me add iframes, or removes the imapflickr embed code.

We are aware of this problem, but due to there being so many different Wordpress setups its proving tricky to fix.

The default install of Wordpress does not allow iframes, according to the official documentation.

We have a number of potential solutions depending on your setup:

  • If you can install extensions in WP, try installing the iframe extension.
  • There is a forum post by a moderator on the WP forums who suggests editing your theme functions.php file and adding in a new function. The post can be found here.
  • Many people (not just imapflickr users) have had similar problems with using iframes. There are many posts on the WP forums about this, you can find all posts tagged with iframe here.
  • A previous problem was fixed by stripping out many of the embed iframe attributes, if you are running you own installation you could try this - the default hosted version will still remove them however.

If you find a solution that works for you, please let us know.

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